Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 55: Invercargill to Bluff and back

April 29th 2014
Distance cycled: 60 km
Total distance to date: 3251 km

I did it! I am done! I have cycled the length of the country. Oh my!! I can't believe it!

Oh yes I can. Because I have been here for 2 months, cycling nearly every day, through weather both good and not-so-good. Because my legs are stronger than pit bulls. Because I am ready to be done. 

Or am I? Australia, I'm looking at you... 

Anyway, today was a pretty unremarkable day, except for having completed the length of the country. Gabi and I got up rather late at around 9, ate our respective breakfasts (dinner is usually a communal affair with us but we keep breakfast separate for whatever reason), and dawdled a little bit with telephone calls and the like. Finally we set off on our day trip to Bluff, which meant we left most of our gear at the hostel. It was nice to have a lighter load!

A rainbow followed us most of the way out of town. 

The rain hounded us all the way to Bluff, but you could still see the city from about 10km away. 

Finally we reached New Zealand's oldest township. 

Gabi and I took the obligatory photos next to the sign at Stirling Point, battling groups of German school kids for prime photo-op territory. 

Then it was time for coffee and some food. Bluff is famous for its oysters, so I had an oyster pie. 

The ride back to Invercargill was much sunnier, rain-free and thusly much more pleasant than the ride down. Plus, we had a tailwind! 

To celebrate, we went back to Invercargill and bought way too much food at the grocery store. We even bought a beer to share. We also stopped in at the info center where I met a lady from Seattle! She lives on Beacon Hill, of all places. I told her she simply must check out the Beaconettes when she gets home.

Now that I'm done, I think I may do just a bit more cycling. I have some time in any case - a whole week before I fly out. Or I could do a few of the Great Walks... The world is my oyster (pie). 


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